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Shipping & Returns

UPS courier Monday to Friday. Delivery time both in the morning and evening, and to change. It can be delivered last Saturday. If there is no delivery to the customer, "Messenger", leave a message waiting for delivery of a package delivery. Express delivery is the second test: If the setup fails, the customer contact. Home or mobile - - so as to be able to communicate effectively resolved quickly and frustration, because it is correct, it is important that there is a phone number present.

Fast delivery status notification e-mail client. This service, automatic field, enter a valid e-mail address of the ordering process. Because it does not meet the courier delivery, the mailbox is not recommended in the address bar.

Depending on the weight / volume of the country of destination and packet transport costs. Guests can see the total payment before the confirmation of your order amount.

Delivery time
The packaging process sequence, it was recorded after 24 hours from the beginning. Transport operation from the moment three more days of work 48 to 72 hours, and the behavior of EU countries in Europe. Whether the project is a temporary order, because of force majeure, the courier Made postpone issues related to (EPI SRL is not responsible) work. If this is true, (except Saturday and Sunday) after 8 working days, please contact our customer service

customs tariff
During transport to the country, you can rate and non-EU tax assets. Clearance additional tax package has to be clear, they all recipients will be paid.

Shipping + benefits + of the product for the statement: In order to provide clients with the goods, or for any reason (wrong address or the recipient's phone number again for other reasons, the recipient does not) may give up if you can not, you do not have that these fees will be paid for returned goods. The total amount is charged to the recipient. Product value only will be returned.

Duties and taxes may vary from country to country, the different loads of cargo. For more information about the business and accounts, check with your local customs.